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Send Flowers and Gifts to Ukraine with Kievdelivery

We believe we have everything one might need to show and express feelings or appreciation to beloved person or family member, or business partner, or just a friend.  Kievdelivery tries hard to keep the huge range of flower bouquets, food baskets, toys, and electronics, alcohol that we can deliver in almost every city or town of Ukraine. It is amazing and challenging job to do. We deliver fresh flowers of high quality only. We do premium packing and choose the best products only for gifts delivery whether it is an order for Kiev or Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa or Uman, Vinnitsa or small Yuzhnoukrainsk, Chernigiv or village close to Kriviy Rig. Our professional, educated, polite and very experienced delivery managers will do their best to bring your feelings with the help of the flowers and gifts. We are proud to have regular customers, who do love our customer support.  Contact us by US phone +1-877-778-2983 or Ukrainian phone number +380-44-337-1915 or by Skype - kievdelivery or contacting us via website online chat or at English speaking managers will gladly answer any of your questions regarding sending flowers or gifts to Ukraine, our services or just any other issue or concern - just contact us let us help you with everything we can. Oh, yes, very important thing - we do FREE DELIVERY, if your order is more than $60.00 in total - it is cute, right?

There are several rules we use in our work - complete dedication, quality is a must, trust is the key. After we receive orders, we do our best to dedicate all our best qualities and experience to make the delivery of ordered items in the best possible way.  Quality is undiscussable. Kievdelivery works with the leading Ukraine flower retailers. Our florists make choice with best roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, freesias, alstroemerias, etc. We are confident that our florists' experience, dedication, and passion create flowers arrangements that can convey your feelings. Delivery manager can deliver them successfully to any place you require - apartment, hospital, office or shop. 

Security and Comfort


You Choose - We Deliver Your Feelings

Our customers'  testimonials  confirm that we are on the right direction on choosing the best to make the process of your ordering flowers and gifts delivery in Ukraine in the secure and comfortable way. Everything starts with your search on the website with categories or shopping by occasion. Then we created a page where all the necessary details can be submitted (with or without an account creating on our website). Ordering process continues with secure payment with your credit card via - the leading European credit card processor. Our customers get instant confirmations and notifications about the delivery process.  We do consult and do the best and perfect for your beloved person to get your gifts and flowers at the comfortable and suitable time and place. We add free services for your pleasure - greeting card with the text of your message and free video or photo of delivery upon your request.      

Unlike other Ukrainian flower delivery companies, we do the delivery of many items, as well as champagne and electronics, including iPad or iPhone. If you want to make exclusive gift - you can do this with us. Order cosmetics shop gift card or Day of Spa in the Beauty salon, dinner at a restaurant - everything is possible with us. Just make your wish, order it and enjoy the reaction of your recipient after we make the delivery. Moreover, it will be easy to do since we provide free photos and videos of delivery. Even though it is a free service, we still need your request and of course the agreement of the recipient to pose for the pictures or videos when we do the delivery. Please consider it.  In the same time, even if you do not make a request for the photo of delivery, we do the pictures of the items we deliver and you can ask us to send them to you anytime. 

Payment for Services


Flowers and Packing

We propose fast, reliable, comfortable, and most secure way of payment for our services via credit card. Kievdelivery Group uses the services of Multicards.Com - one of the most secure, experienced and stable  European credit card processor. Payments via Paypal are possible - all you need to do is to contact us. When submitting the forms on the website it is important that you enter the phone number of the recipient. It is more important than giving us the address since we always call the recipient to arrange the delivery of flowers.  Also, you will be able to enter the text of the greeting card, which can be translated into Russian or Ukrainian for free of charge and  be delivered together with your flowers or gifts. Another field we welcome you to use is the field of your instructions for Kievdelivery regarding your order - just let us know everything we should know or just how you see the delivery, yes, just give us your orders regarding the delivery.   

  No compromises in quality and packing of flowers or products. Large portion of experience and passion, inspiration from the holidays, love to the clients, a little bit of Ukrainian romantic feelings and music. This is the recipe of how our florists create the flower arrangements  or food baskets. Everything you see on the pages of our website can be ordered and delivered in the way you want, but in the most of the cases - in the way you see them. We are especially proud of our food baskets and cakes we deliver! "Tasty! Delicious! Fabulous! Superior! Yummy!" - yes, these are some examples of what recipients tells after tasting the foods we deliver. 

We do delivery in almost all cities of Ukraine. 

Just make your choice with the city below and send your feelings with flowers and gifts. 

Send Flowers to Ukraine (full list of cities)